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Bobst builds infrastructure in Lyon, France

Bobst is expanding its factory in Bron and will open a new Competence Center in 2018.


Bobst Lyon has centralised all its production operations at its Bron site near Lyon. Inventory, machine assembly, administrative and support functions, which used to be located in Villeurbanne La Soie, will now be brought together at the company’s 10-hectare Bron facility, in operation since 1992.

Bobst 1
Adrien Fournier, Project Manager and Emmanuel Roquet, Bobst Lyon General Manager

“Just five kilometers separate the two sites, which the company held for historical reasons,” says Emmanuel Roquet, Chairman of Bobst Lyon. “The maintenance and upkeep expenses of two sites and the cost of transporting goods between the two factories, go against all good business and environmental sense. We really needed to bring together all our production operations onto one site. This move will improve efficiency, with tighter communication and collaboration for our teams.”

The Lyon subsidiary of Bobst Group has developed into the global leader in corrugated board converting solutions. Its business has grown significantly over the past three years.

The first two phases of the project involve grouping all production processes, with operations scheduled to launch in May 2018, and building a facility for machine demonstration (Competence Center).

Machine assembly and inventory were transferred from Villeurbanne in December 2017. Meanwhile, 80 employees in charge of manufacturing support moved to Bron, working in offices laid out in an innovative architectural design on a mezzanine platform.

Bobst Lyon involved its employees in the office design project and, together, they looked at how to approach issues such as new technologies, innovative work methods and “generational” changes. The idea is to foster cooperation between employees by creating a modern, attractive work environment that meets the latest technical construction standards.

Creation of a Competence Centre

Bobst 3

In September 2018, Bobst Lyon will open its Competence Centre in Bron. The construction of this new 114-meter long demonstration facility spanning 2,000 square meters, began in October 2017.

For the first time, Bobst Lyon will have its own showroom dedicated entirely to its equipment. Customers will be able to come and learn about its full production lines in real operating conditions. Bobst engineers and technicians will also use the Competence Centre to improve their owns skills and develop innovative new machines.

“The Competence Centre will play a key role in Bobst Lyon’s future business activities,” Emmanuel Roquet adds. “This strategic investment was made to develop our staff’s expertise in cardboard converting processes. In our industry, added value is measured not only in our capacity to build robust, accurate and efficient machines, but also in the service solutions we offer to support our customers and their use of our equipment.”

The third phase of the project to expand the Bron site is already scheduled to start this summer, with the construction of a building designed to bring together the whole subsidiary’s administrative staff as of early 2020.

Operating in the Lyon region since 1923, Bobst Lyon employs 750 people and manufactures high-tech equipment. Its packaging machines combine flexographic printing, die-cutting and in-line folding-gluing capabilities. They can produce cases from sheets of corrugated board in a single pass at a rate of up to 33,000 boxes per hour.



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