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Two FINAT events that should be of interest to our readers

FINAT are running two events that could be of interest to our many readers:

FINAT Webinar Series 2018: Introduction to shrink sleeve converting

Presented by Ben Cunningham, Karlville Development. Registration is free of charge and for FINAT members only.

This webinar is presented by Ben Cunningham, Director of Global Sales Shrink Sleeve Converting at Karlville Development. He will give an overview of the shrink sleeve process and the demands required and equipment needed to enter the market. This webinar is mostly aimed at production managers.
Remember you need to register for webinars, click the link above for the registration link.

FINAT Recycling & Sustainability Awards

The competition was introduced in 2014 to recognize efforts of the industry in paper and film release liner recycling. In 2018 the competition was renamed into FINAT Recycling & Sustainability Awards. All entries are judged by an independent panel consisting of representatives from INGEDE (the International Association of the Deinking Industry) and EPRO (the European Association of Plastics Recycling and Recovery Organisations).

The 2018 competition is now open to receive registrations and will recognize efforts of the self-adhesive label industry in the area of:

Recycling of secondary material generated by the self-adhesive industry, such as used release liner
Reduction of material used for products
Use of more environmentally friendly feedstocks for materials, such as bio-based or recycled material
Improved recyclability of the labelled product





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