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Brisbane bans plastic straws, single use plastic bottles and helium balloons

In an announcement last week, Brisbane City Council announced that it will ban plastic straws, plastic bags and helium balloons at council events.

Plastic strawsConservationist have welcomed the move but obviously say it is not enough, however it is a start to the removal of all one time usage plastics from our environment.

Wildlife Queensland and Boomerang Alliance spokesman Toby Hutcheon welcome the council's decision.

"We urge other councils to adopt a similar position," he said.

"Wildlife Queensland is lobbying for a complete ban on the deliberate release of helium balloons in Queensland.

"The Boomerang Alliance is actively encouraging all Queensland communities to eliminate single-use plastics that include-straws, thicker bags, bottles, containers and plastic utensils."

 A date for the ban to be enforced has not been set.

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