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The world's first supermarket plastic-free pop-up store

Against the preachings of the plastics industry that we can't do without plastic food packaging, Ekoplaza in Amsterdam has proven them wrong.


Plastic free food aisleThe world’s very first plastic-free pop-up store has made its debut at Ekoplaza LAB in Amsterdam. If you thought you couldn’t do without plastic food and beverage packaging, think again! You’ll find no fewer than 680 plastic-free organic products in their own special section of the store.

Plastic packaging is used for a few days, but has a devastating impact on our planet for centuries. Management at Ekoplaza say they are just at the beginning of their plastic-free movement. "We’re working towards a plastic-free aisle in every Ekoplaza, and even more!"

To us, organic food isn’t just carefully grown and prepared. Our core values ​are also about health and environmental accountability, and as part of our strongly held corporate philosophy we’ve decided to abandon products that are packaged in one or more layers of plastic. We’re fed up with it, and so are our customers!

"We’ve found an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic packaging, in the form of innovative compostable biomaterials. And we’ve taken the first step towards a healthy, plastic-free world. That’s what makes shopping at Ekoplaza different. You don’t have to worry about the hidden side effects of what you buy: what you see is what you get."

Could this start a chain reaction around the globe - watch out if your income depends on plastic food packaging!!



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