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Memjet and Rigoli of Italy have announced their first flexible packaging solution

Memjet and its OEM partner, Rigoli s.r.l., have launched the Rigoli MVZ: the first roll-to-roll, wide format, inkjet printer powered by Memjet and designed for flexible packaging applications.

Rigoli say that their new MVZ provides ultimate flexibility has a small footprint and can easily be placed in-line with finishing equipment. Because it utilises Memjet printing technology, the printer is available at a low cost of entry. Meaning that users are able to realize a faster return on their investment based on increased productivity, lower inventory and reduced scrap costs.

Rigoli MVZ printer
The Rigoli MVZ flexible packaging solution

"As brands bring an ever-increasing number of SKUs to market, packaging production has struggled to keep pace," says Kevin Shimamoto, chief marketing officer at Memjet. "All too often, package printing solutions lack the quality, flexibility and affordability needed to make on-demand, short-run and late-stage customized packaging a reality. The Rigoli MVZ product family marks a dramatic shift in that paradigm, making it faster, easier and cost-effective for companies of all sizes to make flexible packaging part of their operation."

Making On-Demand Packaging a Reality

The MVZ offers brands and converters the ability to produce variable packaging across a wide variety of applications, sizes and substrates. Packaging can be produced either off-line or in-line to create customised solutions.

Zsolt Tarjanyi, managing director of Rigoli s.r.l, says, "As the packaging market addresses an increasing demand for varying branding, messaging, sizes and shapes, the MVZ delivers. It has the speed, image quality, reliability and affordability that users demand—and only Memjet technology can provide."

The Rigoli MVZ1000 can support media widths of up to 1,067 mm. The printer includes an industrial unwinder and rewinder that can accommodate jumbo rolls. The rewinding options are printed side up or printed side down, which improves efficiency. The MVZ printers can also be equipped with a buffering unit that allows them to be installed in-line with other finishing equipment including cutting and laminating systems as well as filling equipment.

The quality produced by the Rigoli MVZ printers rival that of offset. Powered by Memjet's single pass wide format technology, the solution produces 1600x1600 dpi printing resolution at 9 m/min speed, or 1600x800 dpi at 18 m/min speed.

Rigoli s.r.l.


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