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Overwhelming support for the new AccuPrint EC Sleeves

Devin McCart, global business development manager for RotoMetrics claims the new sleeves are receiving acclaim and the answer for many printers who are struggling to print with damaged sleeves, some with deep razor marks on the surface where tape is often trimmed and the plates mounted.

RotoMetrics announced the launch of AccuPrint EC only four months ago, they feature a layering of materials known for their high dimensional stability.

AccuPrint EC print sleeves have many advantages over the current industry print sleeve offerings, including;
•Durable patented fiber inner core offering maximum strength and resistance to chemicals and UV light
•Compressible foam layer eliminates deformation and aging issues
•Exclusive manufacturing process creating industry leading dimensional stability
•Extremely tough outer resin coating reinforced with polyester filaments improve sleeve life
•Optional metal cut line allows cutting directly on sleeve surface without damage
•Optional steel ring insert prevents damage to alignment notch

Devin McCart claims the AccuPrint EC print sleeve not only lasts longer and is more stable than Polyurethane or Resin based alternatives; it eliminates many of the other performance issues that affect sleeve life.




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