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Innovia's new film for recloseable applications

Innovia Films is launching a new Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) Rayoface™ facestock film specifically designed for reclosable applications, such as wet wipes.

Innovia Cleaning Wipes Pack 300dpi
This clear films’ strength comes from its thickness – 92 microns. While it is thick, it still has exceptional clarity which allows printed branding on a wet wipe pack to show through. The film also has a special print and adhesive receptive coating to ensure high quality print performance.

Richard Southward, Global Product Manager, Labels states “The market for wet wipes has grown considerably over the last few years and brand managers have tried a range of options to improve the consumers experience when opening and reclosing a pack. We have taken on board the various requirements shared with us and are confident that our strong recloseable film is ideal for both large and small packs. The films robustness allows the pack to be easily opened and resealed without losing its stiffness. The fact that this performance can be achieved with a mono film, eliminating the need to laminate several layers together, reduces costs and resources.”

The film can be printed by a wide variety of print processes including offset, screen, letterpress and flexography.

Southward adds “BOPP’s natural resistance to moisture ensures it will perform on a wide range of pack sizes across different applications such as home care, personal care, or industrial products.”

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