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BST eltromat launched two new products

At the recent Print4All exhibition in Milan, BST eltromat introduced its FVG POS 100 sensor positioner and ekr 500 digital Unit Touch controller for web guiding.

Both of these new products are based on existing BST eltromat products that have already proven themselves in the field and are used by customers around the world.

The FVG POS 100

The FVG POS 100 moves motor-driven sensors to the web edges and positions the webs using the measurement results provided by the sensors. Ingo Ellerbrock, Head of Product Management at BST eltromat, explains: “We developed the new sensor positioner FVG POS 100 primarily for wide webs. It basically operates like a wide array sensor.” This sensor positioner has been designed for web edge and web center-line guiding in applications with frequently changing web widths. It is also an ideal solution for web guiding systems already installed in the machine and are difficult to access, or if a high degree of automation is needed. Examples include blown film extrusion machines or flexographic and gravure printing machines. When the job is finished, the FVG POS 100 automatically moves the sensors back to the starting position. Its modular design allows a flexible configuration for a variety of applications. Like the web edge sensors it is based on the plug and play principle.

The ekr 500 digital Unit Touch consists of a controller and a commander to operate the guiding device. Due to its state-of-the-art offers, BST eltromat has made the product even more user-friendly. It uses the operating concept tried and tested by customers around the world, but now has additional features, such as operation via flexible touchscreen. This option supports machine operators wherever it is helpful to have a touchscreen. With the touchscreen, for example, it is now easier than ever to switch between different views, e.g. web width, status messages or offset setting for the web position. The commander can be positioned separately to the controller or it can be used as a second control unit in addition to an existing commander.

ekr 500 digital touch
The ekr 500 digital Unit Touch commander

The new controller is also a plug and play device: as soon as it is plugged in, it automatically identifies the installed sensors, e.g. either ultrasonic or infrared sensors. Commissioning requires neither registration nor configuration. “The new equipment is easy to operate and commission, resulting in a unique selling proposition,” says Ellerbrock, highlighting the benefits of the new sensor positioner and controller.

And the ekr 500 digital Unit Touch commander is 100% backward compatible. BST eltromat customers can thus easily replace their existing commanders from former controllers by the new ekr commander with the flexible touchscreen, and take advantage of the new technology. This means that BST eltromat offers investment security, while at the same time being able to switch to the latest technology.

BST eltromat


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