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A new book entitled "Inks, Coatings and Varnishes" is recommended reading

The book is edited by Andy Thomas-Emans, Strategic Director of the Tarsus Labels Group, which organizes the Labelexpo Global Series of exhibitions. He was previously Group Managing Editor of Labels & Labeling magazine.

This book sets out to demonstrate that inks and coatings form one part of a complex eco-system, delivering key objectives to the label converter.

By the end of this book, you will appreciate the intricacies of the ink and coating system, as well as the manufacturing processes and complex additives which allow these products to be produced and continually refined.

Book cover Ink Coatings and VarnishesTopics include:

Understanding ink systems and chemistries
Drying and curing systems
Ink manufacturing
The role of coatings
Automating ink logistics
Proofing and testing procedures
Impact of legislation on ink manufacture and usage
Security inks and coatings
Surface treatment and ink adhesion

The book is available exclusively on www.Amazon.com


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