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A US based pilot study of curbside recycling of flexible plastic packaging from residential areas.

The Materials Recovery for the Future (MRFF) research program has partnered with Audubon, Pennsylvania-based J.P. Mascaro & Sons Inc. to pilot single-stream curbside recycling of flexible plastic packaging (FPP). The company’s TotalRecycle material recovery facility (MRF) in Berks County, Pennsylvania, will process the material, demonstrating the technical and economic feasibility of recycling FPP from residential single-stream recycling programs.

The world’s first digital Colour Inspection system

Canadian company GlobalVision has announced the release of the world’s first digital Colour Inspection system for print and packaging. The technology makes it far easier for colour inspections by creating a digital environment for the colour evaluation process for PDFs and printed components.

Paul Mercuri joins Jet Technologies

Jet Technologies is very happy to announce Paul Mercuri as their newest Technical Sales Representative working out of Jet's Melbourne office.

Overwhelming support for the new AccuPrint EC Sleeves

Devin McCart, global business development manager for RotoMetrics claims the new sleeves are receiving acclaim and the answer for many printers who are struggling to print with damaged sleeves, some with deep razor marks on the surface where tape is often trimmed and the plates mounted.

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