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The new side of Lignin

An interview with Mikael Hannus, vice president of the Group R&D Innovation at Stora Enso behind the first products made of lignin

The Future Of Barcodes

In a white paper recently released by Markem-Imaje, consideration is given to whether GS1-128 barcodes are on track to become the most adopted global standard for retail grocery and foodservice packaging.

Plastics and the SGP program

By Colleen Bate

The use of plastics goes back to around a century ago but only gained interest after World War One when plastic proved to be a highly economical alternative to metal, wood and glass. Now as environmental concerns (particularly around the perils of plastic) have become prominent, recycling has become more important. And so it should. Virtually every piece of plastic that has ever been made still exists in some shape or form (with the exception of the small amount that has been incinerated).

The value of industry awards

It seems to me that entering industry awards programs is a task generally undertaken by only some companies whereas the majority of the industry, mostly smaller companies, simply do not recognise the value that an award can make to their business.

The Craft Beer market from Mark Andy's perspective

Mark Andy say the label market for Craft Beer market is booming.  In a recent mail received here at Labels Online, Mark Andy in the US say that Craft movements are sweeping global markets with many consumer product segments following suit of craft brewers. From artisanal salsas to regional beauty products, specialty goods are staples in everyday life.

The market in Oceania

Mergers, acquisitions, innovative use of technology, strong organizational trade representation and outstanding winning entries in local and international award contests marked yet another round of robust evidence of the importance of Oceania’s place in the global print market.

Not seen, not sold (Embellishing)

By Steve Crowe

The eyes have it.

Attracting attention to a single product in a sea of similar products is about an indefinable pull that drags attention from everything around it. It’s a psychological battle fought on every shelf in every shop.

The self-adhesive label: an unusual product and an amazing story

By James Cryer - JDA Print Recruitment
We all know that industries take years - if not centuries - to evolve, they don't just ''pop up'' out of thin air. Well, one did.I don't know how many of you know the fascinating story of how - in an attic in Los Angeles in 1935 - Stan Avery literally invented a whole industry when he pulled a strip of silicone-coated paper, dripping with latex, through a cigar-box.

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