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The value of industry awards

It seems to me that entering industry awards programs is a task generally undertaken by only some companies whereas the majority of the industry, mostly smaller companies, simply do not recognise the value that an award can make to their business.


Or could it be that those companies that don’t bother with industry awards programs are like some people – they have an inferiority complex, or they don’t feel that the hassle and small cost of entering is not going to reward them with anything but extra work, ie, they don’t think they will win for whatever reason. Smallish companies may well think that they cannot compete against the giants of the industry who utilise the very latest technology.

Perhaps this status quo is good news for judges because they frequently comment that they are overwhelmed by the volume of entries. If more companies entered the awards, we may have serious problem with the ability of the judges to cope with the increased volume.

It has to be accepted that companies that win awards, either locally or globally, do have a huge marketing ace, especially if they are regular winners, so it is really something to think about when awards are announced and you have to opportunity of entering.

From the customer’s point of view, it is comforting for them to feel that their supplier is at the top of their game by being able to brag about the quality of their work.

Of course producing top quality of work and the ability to brag about it is only one aspect of impressing a client and winning and keeping their work.

Award types

Awards come in two types generally, those organised by suppliers, HP and Avery come to mind immediately. Then there are industry awards that are run by industry associations and/or industry media. These latter awards are usually heavily sponsored by suppliers.

Generally entries to the supplier awards would be restricted to only those that utilise that company’s products where the association awards are open to all, regardless of equipment or media used.

Then there is the awards given to individuals for achievement in the industry. The R. Stanton Avery Lifetime Achievement Award typifies this award and of course it stands out as being separate from the product awards.

However it is common for some of the Association Awards programs to include a category of awards to individuals for service to the industry.

Our own regional awards for the label and/or narrow web industry sector are limited to being a sector in the wider overall printing awards

Global and/or Local

Some of these Award programs start with regional awards with the regional winners going through as entries into a global or country award.

Both Australia (National Print Awards) and New Zealand (Pride in Print Awards) have their own Awards programs for general printing and the label and packaging industry of course has the FPLMA Australian Packaging Awards.

The FPLMA (www.fplma.org.au) has some good information on its web site about past awards as well as information on upcoming events such as the next Awards Dinner. It is encouraging to see that there is also an award for the best apprentice.

Industry award presentation dinners represent fantastic networking opportunities and are usually well attended and are generally good fun.

The bottom line is, think seriously about entering your industry awards, the rewards can be huge for the winners and even the runner ups get a slap on the back by your industry peers and it should encourage more good morale in the workplace.

Currently the Global Awards 2018 for individuals is open and the organisers are looking for entries in three categories (R. Stanton Avery Pioneer Award; Award for Innovation; Award for Sustainability) there is no charge to enter these awards. Click here for the entry forms (http://www.labelawards.com/award-categories).

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